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Dr. Nathalie Lovasz and Dr. Andrew Spice met in 2007 while attending graduate school training in clinical psychology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. Spice and Dr. Lovasz both developed a strong interest in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), an intervention with demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of various complex mental health disorders. Dr. Lovasz and Dr. Spice sought extensive specialized training in this treatment approach from experts in the field throughout their graduate training and during their pre-doctoral residence training, at the London Health Science Centre and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. They began to work together while completing practicum placements at the DBT Centre of Vancouver and frequently talked about their ambition of one day creating a specialized DBT treatment centre. 

Upon completing their graduate training, Dr. Spice and Dr. Lovasz were hired by a prominent Toronto private practice to establish and head up a major comprehensive adult and adolescent DBT Program. In the following years, Dr. Lovasz and Dr. Spice established and managed successful DBT programs in two major private practice settings in Toronto. 

During this time, it has become increasingly apparent to them that there is a need for a specialized private DBT Treatment Centre in Toronto. Dr. Spice and Dr. Lovasz established the Toronto DBT Centre in order to realize their vision of providing compassionate, effective, evidence-based assessment and treatment to clients with complex mental health needs, in order to help clients accomplish their goals and build a life worth living.